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About Wendy


Chief Inspiration Officer | Ambassador | Author


"Wendy has shifted my mindset so much and has inspired me beyond what I can even imagine."



What will it take for you to finally go after what YOU want?! 

What if you think you're ready but need ideas, an accountability buddy or help to get started?

Wouldn't it be great to finally go on that amazing trip or connect with other fun-loving, supportive women and try something new?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Wendy is ready to help!

Wendy will inspire you with ideas, resources and recommendations to make this life chapter after 40 your best.  She is a champion for aging fearlessly and you'll immediately feel the energy and uplifting when you work with Wendy as your personal adventure concierge consultant or in her Inspiring Your Next Community.

From individuals to groups, personally and professionally, a common call from many women over 40 has swelled into a collective voice that speaks to a desire for something Wendy champions: I WANT MORE!

Biking to the top of Mount Evans!
Love living as an ageless adventure gal!
Hiking with my favorite Dog Dharma!
Snow Hike with the Girls!
Incredible Day on Lake Powell
Snowboarding Sun Goddess!

Culling from her years of experience performing as a world-class athlete competing for a position on the US Olympic team, thriving in leadership positions at the American Heart Association, and even continually competing at high levels to stand on racing podiums throughout her life, Wendy knows what it means to strive for more-and attain it! 

Wendy is the founder of DestinationU, a company that endeavors to empower women to identify and create the lives they truly want to live, beyond the borders-real or imagined-that have become obstacles to doing so. Ever the active champion, Wendy demonstrates how to push past perceived limits and bravely forge into uncharted territory by encouraging others to join her in adventuring out into the “wild”-both literally and figuratively.

This international speaker has traveled the world and encountered women everywhere who feel they’ve come to a new and sometimes unexpected turn or the end of a road in their lives. She inspires and then teaches how to be courageous and forge a new path where they may not see one. Wendy wants you to know she’s been at that place in her life as well, and she’s developed what it takes to journey from the pillar of uncertainty to the post of independence and confidence in creating and then living the life you envision for yourself!

Wendy makes “more” matter.

Mount Sneffels in Colorado

Nothing Is Finite And Change Is Always Possible. 


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