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There are many of us who are looking for MORE, and I created DestinationU to help us all get there faster with ideas, insights and how-to resources - especially for us over 40 - to make this next chapter our best!

We'd love to have you join us - especially if you're seeking a community:

...of leaders and DO-ers going after our next adventure

...to support you prioritizing YOU

...sharing ideas and how to get started

...to try something new with

Let us help you live with more inspiration, more creative, active and travel adventures and waaaayyy more fun! 

What will you do NEXT?!?

  Life Inspired, Life Reimagined  

Many are unexpectedly forging the path down a new life.  A life that differs from “the plan” and is causing us to pause and truly identify what we want in our NEXT.  We will explore and take advantage of the new and unique opportunities available to literally reimagine and redefine who we are.

Will you take your first pottery class?  

Will you try yoga for the first time?

Will you try kayaking for the first time?

Will you create your first blog?


Our Community is sharing inspiring ideas and key how-to steps and we'd love you to join us!  Check out my Life Reimagined Podcast and my YouTube videos as I share success stories and additional resources to broaden your horizons and start tackling what YOU want - to bring more fun into your daily living and live the best life possible!


   Where To Begin?   

Want MORE but are unsure where to begin? 

We want more out of life and will help get you started!!!  We will share fun ideas for this over 40 chapter, key resources and step by step recommendations to make it easy for you to try something new.

What will your next adventure be? 

Whether you're on your own, recruit your own buddy, join our group or connect with other active DO-ers and explorers!

Join Us for Inspiring Ideas and the key How-To Steps!

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