Feeling stuck in the mundane? 

Feel like you don't have folks to get out & have fun or adventure with?

Unsure where to start?

Feel like there must be more fun out there?

This is exactly why we created our

Inspiring Your NEXT Community.

Join us and let our community help you live with more inspiration, more adventure and more fun!


   Where To Begin?   

Want more but are unsure where to begin? 

We are a community of 45 & up who want to get more out of life and will share the resources and recommendations to make it easy for you to find other active DO-ers and get out and try something new.

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   Life Reimagined & Inspired   

Many are unexpectedly forging the path down a new life.  A life that differs from “the plan” and is causing us to pause and truly identify what we want in our NEXT.  We will explore and take advantage of the new and unique opportunities available to literally reimagine and redefine who we are. 

We will share success stories and resources to help you broaden your horizons and create the key steps to achieve the life the best life you envision.

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Adventure / Connection / Exploring New Destinations


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