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Your Personal Concierge


What Adventure Awaits YOU?

Let's Set Up the Next Adventure for YOU or Your GROUP!

"I didn't even know this was possible and it's soooo awesome!  I'll be back for more!"


As a busy leader, you don't have time yourself to set up your own Running Wild getaway moment and relying on a stranger or another friend doesn't always turn out so well. 

You need a professional to have confidence that you will be in safe hands and having the best adventure to recharge your batteries.  

Set up a free consult & with a few clarifying answers from you, we'll give you a personalized set of recommendations.  

You can take over the planning from there or delegate & Wendy & team will handle all the details!

Wendy will quickly assess your interests and bring back multiple experiences and possible itineraries for your selection.  Her team will then coordinate all the details, travel arrangements and adventure excursions with the best local guides.

They can also arrange to capture and organize a ton of your adventures in photographs and videos into a trip collection and awesome memory.



Wendy will help bring YOU more quickly take your dream and bring it to life.  Why spend hours searching online when you have a trusted advisor ready to go?!


Group or Community

Wendy will help bring a bit more fun and adventure in your community or retreat and help make your coaching or member services way more effective.

Send a question or sign up for a free consult to let Wendy help you more quickly plan or get you on your next adventure!

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