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Expertise. Intuition. Inspiration.

Wendy will inspire and share the keys to setting personal goals and creating the critical action steps to take

to help you make the most of your life.


Setting the bar HIGH & Skyrocketing Beyond

Whether you are working toward personal or professional growth, setting goals at a safely achievable level will limit your ability to succeed and grow into an effective leader.  Have you ever wanted to or have been asked to achieve what you thought would be impossible?  Have you ever aspired to set goals without knowing how you’d ever achieve?  Have you ever dreamt big but been unable to execute and succeed?  Only those that aspire to greatness, even without fully understanding how they’ll get there, have a good chance to succeed.  Dreaming big is only the first part of the equation and you need to understand how to identify and then execute the critical steps to achieve and succeed. 

  • Goals for participants

    • I want participants to understand the importance of and aspiring to dream bigger and resource & operationalize to achieve more than they currently believe possible. 

  • Format

    • The interactive keynotes can be structured for 30-75 minutes and incorporated into 30-90 minute virtual presentations and 1-4 hour workshops (virtual or live).

    • Keynote will detail how to set more aggressive goals, questions to address to establish the critical steps and timeline to accomplish.  Examples will be provided.  

    • Interactive session built into workshop includes time for each participant to establish 1-2 seemingly impossible goals, answer questions and establish the critical steps and timeline to complete.  Oral presentation of plans and goals to commit publicly and set follow up check in progress meetings.

  • Course description

    • Key Outcomes For Each Participant

      • Identify 2 key outrageous goals to achieve in next 12-24 months

      • Create the critical specific steps and timeline to achieve

      • Establish the structure and timing of follow-up progress meeting(s)

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What My Clients Have to Say

In every aspect of her life, Wendy empowers others to dream big, stand tall and lead with purpose. Her graceful style of presenting is thought provoking, yet fun, and draws on experiences that everyone can relate to. In a topic that is often lined with complexities and challenges, Wendy makes you feel like you have a friend to guide you every step of the way. Wendy would be a gift to any organization and audience.



Cortney M. Nicolato

President & CEO

United Way of Rhode Island

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