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Community of Fun-Loving Ageless Adventure Women


Feeling like you're too busy but life has you craving something more? 

If you're like me, you enjoyed your career & raising your family but feel like you're just getting started.

There IS more to explore, to see and do, and much more to life.

That's why I created DestinationU and our Inspiring Your NEXT Member Community.

We are SO EXCITED you are here!

DestinationU includes a ton of inspiration, resources & a community to help you prioritize YOU and more fun and adventure in your life. 

If you're ready to take it to the next level or looking to connect with other adventure seekers over 40, hop on up to our Inspiring Your NEXT Community.

are YOU ready to kick it up a notch?

Amongst other adventures, in our IYN Community we:

fly fished

made cocktails and alcohol-free mocktails with Kinsey

planned our first epic hike


rode horses in Iceland

learned to buy better wines from a Portuguese Vintner named Rafael

hiked with the full moon a few times and to catch the perfect sunset

made our own decoupage glass artistic masterpiece

had our first pole dancing class

hiked part of the Alta Via trek in the Dolomites

tried car camping

met llama hikers

planned our next vineyard tour and picnic

met up for a beginner mountain bike ride

hiked on a glacier in Iceland

white water rafted

learned to take better pictures

we learned how to go bikepacking

we shared travel destinations, fun adventures & key recommendations across the USA and

in a TON of national parks,

with additional recommendations for awesome adventures.


Most importantly, we made new connections and new friends, celebrated, 

traveled and much, much more!

We cannot wait to see what fun we get into NEXT!!!

Our DestinationU Community welcomes you - as a Free Subscriber or for those who are ready to kick it up a notch and join our Inspiring Your Next Member Community - 

opens again on October 10th or 10/10!

DU IYN Comp Chart.png

What's Not to Love?

Tropical Leaves


Wendy is building this community of amazing like-minded women who are all in the same life stage and is inspiring us and motivating us to do our next bang, whatever that might be. She not only inspires you and teaches you about it, but she also gives you those steps where you don't feel overwhelmed and it really makes you feel like you can do it.

Tropical Leaves


This group is an intentional way to unearth in you, your adventure, your self care, a safe place to explore. It. Doesn't have to be perfect. And it puts in your mind ideas that you might not have had access to or even thought of. And I love that it's done in a way that is with curiosity.

Tropical Leaves


I enjoy all the amazing stories from around the country of the awesome  adventures the members are sharing!  Have seen how endless the possibilities are!  Thank you for creating this group and movement Wendy!

Tropical Leaves


If you're looking for a community that is all about connection,

adventure and support, and support's huge to me, and encouragement. Even just trying to step outside your own comfort zone, this is definitely the community you want to be a part of.



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