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 Are You Ready to Join Other Adventure Gals Over 40? 


If you want to travel or adventure more but need more Gal Pals in your own age group, we're your community and we're ready for you to join us!
We are a community of women connecting and sharing stories of amazing experiences and places and we invite YOU to get away & join us on an upcoming trip or event!

Why Go With Us?
What's It Like?
How Fit Do I Need To Be?
How Do I Sign Up?

More information is detailed below the upcoming trips and meetup events!

No upcoming events at the moment

Thank YOU!

Thanks to all who joined our 2021 events, including hiking, snowshoeing, full moon trekking, fly fishing, pole dancing, decoupage glass creations and more!

We are ready for new adventures in 2022 - are you with us?!?!


Wondering where to stay in some of these cool destinations?  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Go With Us?
Wendy creates customized, private trips & events specifically for women over 40 in small groups that are makeup and judgment free, so we are more able to relax, make connections and more fun memories when trying something new.
You don't have to worry about keeping up with a 22 year old or learn a new skill in a group of Super Athletes - just get ready to go after YOUR fun with a group of fun women ready to cheer you on! 

What's It Like?

Wendy is a master at finding and putting together activities that are fun and sometimes challenging but all tailored for us adventure gals over 40.
All you have to do is follow the recommended packing lists and show up!
The homework is done for you - all the great sites are brought together in the short trip to get the most out of every destination.
You'll have a specific itinerary and be asked a few questions to further customize and tailor our trip to ensure everyone is comfortable and enjoys the experience to the fullest.

How Fit Do I Need To Be?
All of our meetups and trips are specially designed by Wendy (54 years young!!!) for women in our 40s, 50s and 60s.  All you need is a moderate level of fitness, and each trip will describe what to be ready for.
The trips and activities are meant to provide a physically, mentally and emotionally safe environment where you feel comfortable to try something new - even if it's a bit out of your comfort zone.
We recommend maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle so you are ready to go at any time and Wendy is happy to help you with recommendations at any time.

How Do I Sign Up?

Events and trips are for our member community only and you can join at any time.
You can also set up a quick call or Zoom meeting with the banner further below to let Wendy match your interests and priorities with upcoming events or create your next personalized adventure.  
If you aren't ready to join us on one of our trips or adventures, you can subscribe for free to receive email and news about upcoming events and our member community. 
You can unsubscribe at any time.

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