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Life Reimagined with Wendy


Welcome to Life Reimagined -  real life stories and recommendations to make your next chapter your best.

Each Wednesday, we'll post a new podcast to discuss the unique challenges of life over 45 and to making the most of this life we have.  I will showcase great life stories and interview women who found themselves at a different place in their lives than originally planned or imagined.  Something changed the course of their lives forever and we’ll discuss how they came through it and how it changed their life for the better.


Join us to hear stories of inspiration, to hear how sometimes the unexpected road twist ends up being a blessing and how you to achieve your best next chapter and your Life Reimagined.

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What's So Great About Snowboarding After 50 - DestinationU Wendy
Wendy & DestinationU - Ageless Adventurers Over 40

What's So Great About Snowboarding After 50 - DestinationU Wendy

EVERYTHING!!!! I'll never forget Ina - she was so inspiring. Especially as I was new to snowboarding in my 40s. Ina Gillis is a certified legend at Keystone Resort in Colorado. She was skiing in her 80s, worked until she was 92 years old and even planted flowers around Keystone well into her 80s. Keystone named a ski run, Ina's Way, and an iconic bridge in River Run Village after Ina, and it is here that I first met Ina, as she was busy welcoming up to 40,000 skiers and boarders to the mountain each week in ski season. Ina passed away in 2019 and I hope YOU get inspired by Ina and her story. If it's been awhile since you've been on the ski slopes or if you just want to get a sense of what it feels like, I hope you'll check out my video with the reasons I think it's fantastic over 40 & 50 and the key recommendations on how to ski/board more safely and with wayyyyy more fun. Thanks Ina!! I was a late bloomer to mountains and snow sports and I did not start snowboarding until my 40s. I grew up in the Midwest and then in Florida and in a water sports family, but definitely NOT in a ski family, so when I found my love for the mountains and snowy sports like snowboarding, I realized I had so much fun to catch up on. Even now as I’m aging – and I am getting older every day – I decided I was not ready to give up my time on my board, and so I plan differently now. I have to be smart and safe and do whatever I can to allow me to spend as many days ahead playing on the mountain, in the snow and on my board. I include my thoughts about what’s so great about snowboarding at this age plus recommendations to make it less intimidating if you haven’t been on your skis or board in a long time or safer, like going to less crowded locations and on non-holidays to avoid out-of-control 17 year olds flying down the mountain. I know I will have to stop snowboarding at some point, eventually, so I’m currently learning other snow sports that allow me the option to get as much of the feeling of being out there (the crisp air, the playtime in the snow, etc). So, now I’m taking lessons for additional winter and snow activities I know I can do long into hopefully my 70s and 80s! What about YOU?!?! When was the last time you got on your skis or snowboard and giggled like a little kid? Quick note that all the video footage is my own and all over the age of 50:) Big time thanks for my favorite gear – all links available on my website under FAVES – I do not have commercial relationships with these companies, so it’s not an official promo, but I LOVE my Salomon board, my Dragon goggles, my Mountain Hardware jacket and much, much more!
Life Reimagined Video Podcast - Rachella Climbing to New Heights After 50
Wendy & DestinationU - Ageless Adventurers Over 40

Life Reimagined Video Podcast - Rachella Climbing to New Heights After 50

How Rachella Kept Climbing to New Heights After 50 Rachella Seeley didn't break a sweat until her late twenties and didn't start running marathons until her thirties, but she found herself increasingly surrounded by incredible women who inspired her to keep moving and to keep setting new goals. She and her husband and friends traveled to marathons in many wonderful places and she even qualified for Boston and ran it multiple times. She continued traveling and adventuring into her fifties and she learned of a group trying to raise money for a hospital at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro and that was IT. Although it took her a few more years, she made her first trek up the world's 4th tallest mountain at the young age of 55, and absolutely loved it. She didn't plan to see Mount Kilimanjaro again, but she was inspired by another wonderful but different cause this time. She repeatedly stated that she would support others but that she was NOT going to trek up the mountain a second time. The cause and the girls won her over and she ultimately decided she had to hike and summit this incredible mountain again....only this time she would be 69, turning 70! Hear how Rachella believes putting yourself out there and staying active with a bunch of wonderful and like-minded, goal-setting women are some of the keys to creating incredible and once in a lifetime memories. She shares her stories and will encourage you to go after your dreams, as she believes these are life changing experiences not to be missed... Check out additional photos of Rachella's Girl Gang on my website at and comment below if you've been to Mount Kilimanjaro!!!!
DestinationU Wendy 2022 Year of Adventure
Wendy & DestinationU - Ageless Adventurers Over 40

DestinationU Wendy 2022 Year of Adventure

I’m so thankful to all the incredible women I’ve met and all the awesome adventures we took on in 2022! From my first pole dancing class to my first overnight backpacking & camping trip to our glacier hike in Iceland to my first mountain biking race to biking up the classic Passo Stelvio in Italy to my first trail marathon in Moab and much, much more!!! I am so blessed to have connected with other ageless adventure women who are redefining what is possible at 46 or 54, and there’s so much more ahead in 2023! Hop in our Inspiring Your Next Member Community and get 20% off all our epic bucket list trips in 2023. Details & registration on the website. Come join us!!! I’m always asked about my clothing and gear, so I’m including a list of my favorites here and on my website. I only recommend gear I use regularly and if you select one of the links below, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for helping support me to bring you these recommendations and I invite you to reach out at any time – I’d love to help YOU get to your next adventure! Marmot PreCip Jacket - Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Boot - Columbia Omni Heat Women’s Vest - Pearl Izumi – Elite Jacket - Osprey backpack Kyto36 Kyte - Tailwind Nutrition - Salomon Bellevue Womens Snowboard - Nathan QuickStart 4L Hydration Vest - Goodr OG Polarized Sunglasses Iced by Yetis/White/Blue Lens - Ultimate Direction Women’s Adventure Vesta Signature Trail Running Vest or Hydration Pack - Salomon Womens Active Skin 8 W Set - HOKA ONE ONE Womens Arahi 5 Textile Synthetic Trainers - Salewa Women's Trekking High Rise Hiking Shoes - Merrell Moab Speed Hiking Shoe - GoPro Hero7 Black - Oakley Men's Oo9313 Evzero Path Low Bridge Fit Rectangular Sunglasses - Five Ten Freerider Womens MTB Shoes - Black Diamond Headlamp - TEVA Women's Original Casual Sport Sandal - Black Diamond Distance Z Poles for Trekking, Trailrunning, Hiking - Engel Cooler - Bestek 300W Power Inverter - Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box - Coleman Triton Camping Stove - Jetboil Flash Camping Stove - Mountain House Camping Meals - Salomon Womens Hiking Boots - Garmin Edge 520 - TravelPro Maxlite Luggage
Melanie Moved Mountains & Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro Life Reimagined Podcast
Wendy & DestinationU - Ageless Adventurers Over 40

Melanie Moved Mountains & Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro Life Reimagined Podcast

Have you ever read something in a book, seen something in a movie or heard a great story from a friend’s journey that captivated you so much that you just HAD to see it for yourself? What is that ONE THING currently on your bucket list? The ONE THING that needs to move up to your Live It NOW list?! My guest on today’s podcast is Melanie Michaelchuk, a sweet Texan who had a dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and just had to go for it! Listen in as she shares how setting the goal was challenging, how much she had to get together to get ready for such an epic adventure, and how she moved mountains to climb it not only once, but twice, and both time after 50. I hope listening in helps you really think about that one trip or experience or adventure YOU’VE been putting off and that inspires you to do it now…..don’t wait… each day we get a little older and we never know what tomorrow will bring. I picked up hiking in my late 40s and absolutely love it! I have a Free Hike Planning & Gear Checklist download to get you started plus my favorite hiking shoes, poles, packs, sunscreen and more, so check it all out on my website at or the favorites in our online store. Also consider joining one of our upcoming trips, specially designed for women over 40 and in some of my favorite places! Free download available at Info on our upcoming Women Over 40 Adventure trips at Salewa Women's Trekking High Rise Speed hiking and trail running shoes - Salomon Women’s Hiking Boots - Black Diamond Storm Headlamp - Marmot PreCip Jacket - Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles
How a WWII History Tour Inspired to Change Her Story with Sarah - Life Reimagined Podcast Video
Wendy & DestinationU - Ageless Adventurers Over 40

How a WWII History Tour Inspired to Change Her Story with Sarah - Life Reimagined Podcast Video

Have you ever signed up for a trip - maybe on a bit of a whim - only to find out how significant it would be in helping you redefine your life going forward? Sarah Blake is with me today, sharing how she was inspired by Harry Connick Jr, H Company and a friend to take her first solo trip and historical tour in Europe to check out WW2 sites. The stories she shares about her experiences, the Veterans she met, and the really fun Supper Club are really touching and what I love is that Sarah also recounts how much she learned about herself and how this trip changed her trajectory. How one unforgettable comment from someone she met along the trip changed her perspective forever and helped kickstart her tackling her Live It NOW list. Sarah Blake is CEO and founder of Sarah Blake Consulting focusing on Emotional Intelligence & Leadership coaching. She works individuals and companies utilizing coaching, trainings/facilitation, and consulting strategies to reinforce growth. Connect with Sarah at I hope you’ll also check out additional info on this historical tour on my DestinationU website blog plus some wonderful photos of the trip in this video version of our interview. The Life Reimagined with Wendy audio podcast is available on all podcast platforms. Subscribe here to follow all my video shares and consider subscribing to my website in my bio to receive additional free resources, stories that inspire and access to my favorite gear! If you decide to follow Sarah's recommendation to travel to Europe and check out a World War II Historical Tour, I highly recommend a few key items to make your traveling a TON easier - please note these are affiliate links and I'll receive a very small commission if you decide to purchase - every little bit helps me to be able to continue bringing content to help you get on to your next adventure without ads:) - My TUMI laptop (& then some!) backpack - - My TravelPro Maxlite carry on luggage - Get in touch and let me know how I can best help you to get out there!!!
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