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Favorite Products & Places

 What is a Wendy FAVE? 


Life over 40 can be it's own adventure but Wendy and our Community are sharing our favorites to make your planning or going on your next adventure way easier and way more enjoyable!

Check back as we grow a list of our recommended resources and gear or submit your gear for us to review and comment!

The below items are products and gear I LOVE & use regularly or places I LOVE and recommend you checking out.

Important for you to know that some of the below include affiliate links and if you purchase using any of these links, I may receive a small commission as a result.

Special Product FAVES!

I cannot thank these companies enough for providing the most recent special gifts to our Inspiring Your Next VIP Community.  

I think these products are amazing and use them daily.

I hope you can check them out!

Sunscreen 2pp Promo (8_edited.jpg

Favorite Places!

Wondering where to stay in these cool destinations?Check out some of my faves!

  I LOVE these amazing products and use them daily.  

  I hope you can check them out!  

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