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Scariest Adventure is the One You Don’t Take

Think back to the one adventure that really took guts at the time - did you still do it?

What about the one adventure you really WANT to take on in the future - what's holding you back?

It may be scary, but to me, the absolute scariest adventure is the one you want to take but don't. Adventure can mean many different things to different people but today I'll discuss in a broader context, as writing my first book and really heading out on my own was truly one of the most terrifying adventures I've been on. But also one of the most challenging and one of the best.

Getting back to you now - whatever IT is, missing your next adventure could be a huge mistake so today I'll talk about how to deal with feeling a bit anxious or excited or scared or all of the above to actually face it all and go after what YOU really want.

So the bummer news today is that we are not getting any younger and if you're anything like me, you see the aging face in the mirror and feel the body needing more recovery and quality fueling compared to 10 years ago, and you know the time to try something new is NOW - not tomorrow. What have you put off?

As you too may have experienced, I'm a bit more reserved now in trying something new. Mentally and spiritually, I love it, and I know that it's good for me. Each time I try something new, I'm developing new neural pathways - a throwback to my healthcare work - and hopefully helping keep my brain healthier for a long time. Especially important since Alzheimers runs in my family.

But physically, I will try a new activity a little slower than I used to. I know I have to take care of my body as I want to be able to hike, run, bike, snowboard, everything, for as long as I possibly can. My being slow or methodical or needing to adapt is fine. I don't care. I often state that the US Olympic Committee stopped recruiting me a bit ago and I'm free to take as long as I need to when learning something new.

I equate learning something new with my next adventure and I encourage you to reframe your perspective and define adventure a bit more broadly - at least more broadly than I believe could be your first impression.

I'm not talking about the outdoor daredevil bungee jumping. Instead I believe this awakening I've had has allowed me to think of adventure in a much larger way. Leaving corporate America and a job I loved for a long time was an adventure. Writing my first book was a huge adventure. Learning to mountain bike and snow hike for the first time really in my late 40s were also new adventures. When I lived in Texas, Florida and South Carolina, I had no idea what fun activities there are to be had in the snow and I'm so grateful I didn't miss the opportunity to snowshoe on a winter hike.

I talk more about this in episode 14 of my podcast, Life Reimagined With Wendy, Reimagine and Look For Your Next Adventure - in which I share more about other adventures, including my first vegetable garden….now that is scary. I challenged you then - the end of July - to identify your next adventure and go after it… did you?

Well? Maybe….maybe not. Please know this is not a judgment in any way, as this is YOUR life, not mine. I'm just here to help you think a little bit and to give you a bit of encouragement, confidence and support as you identify and really go after what YOU want in YOUR life.

But I hope if it helps you look back to the end of July, 5 months ago, you can easily come up with one or more adventures you went after. If you didn't - why not? What's holding you back? Unless you prioritize this in your life and take active steps TOWARD your goal, you'll never get there.

So today I want to briefly touch on what you MISS if you don't commit to live curiously and go after your next adventure or that new fillintheblank. Especially now, before we get 1 day older and before we let 1 more reason get in the way. Would you feel sad? Disappointed? Not having as much fun as you used to? Bored? What would you feel?

If you're unsure of yourself, that is ok. I'm here to tell you that you got this. You are capable of so much and I LOVE that I keep adding new labels to my life resume - regardless of how "good" I am at it. So you should too. You have so much wisdom and experience to draw on and you have oodles of examples of trying something new and succeeding. You may look silly, you may be slow, you may - in my case - kill a few of your first green bean plants - or you may not. You may laugh your bootie off. You may have 1 lone green bean plant survive LOL but now are ready a whole other level for Veggie Garden 2021!

Consider me your biggest cheerleader and do it!!! NOW!!

What would I have missed if I didn't summon up the courage when it seemed a bit overwhelming or scary? Or if I too quickly dismissed my abilities and never even tried? When I lived in Texas, Florida and South Carolina, I had no idea what fun activities there are to be had in the snow and I'm so grateful I didn't miss the opportunity to snowshoe on a winter hike. How bummed would I be that l might not have ever known what it feels like to snowshoe in a gorgeous, quiet forest on a trail. Know the sun on my face, the sound of the snowshoes on the ground and the peace and beauty enveloping me and rejuvenating my inner soul. That's one hell of a walk that helps me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Out in nature is where I feel closest to God.

I'm so excited to be surrounded by others who are on their journey to their next adventure and it's so awesome! So inspiring to hear about Valena's new blog and book she's writing and Julie's new van travel exploration and Linda's recommendation that EVERYONE needs to visit Banff once in their lifetime. That we are taking our bucket list and turning it in to our LiveItNow list. I encourage you to check out and join our free FB community, called DestinationU, with a weekly challenge to keep you focused on your priorities and getting more out of life. I also have additional resources available on my website and I hope you'll lean in and commit to spending a bit more on YOU and what makes you happy.

Ok - so you have homework. It'll only take a few minutes. When you finish reading this, I want you to write down the 1 adventure you really, really want to tackle in the next 90 days. Then I want you to write down steps #1, #2, and #3 that you know you have to take to get there. It can mean researching your options, can mean calling your best friend and recruiting him or her to join you and it can mean identifying some of the additional planning steps or logistical steps you'll have to take.

Let's make some progress on YOUR next adventure - I'm already in mine as you're listening to my podcast today. Life is too short my friend - don't live with any regrets, take care of YOU and get out there. Take care everyone!


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