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Inspirational Speaking


  Bold & Inspirational Speaking  

Expertise. Intuition. Fun. Inspiration.

In today's ever-changing business landscape, an unmotivated and zoomed out team cannot effectively advance your corporate goals.  This is where Wendy shines!
Wendy shares a BOLD vision and the effective keys from her own award winning leadership experience to resource business executives and team leaders to leverage fun and adventuring a bit to kick it up a notch and achieve more than they believe possible!  
Research has shown that adults who make time for play reap the benefits in terms of greater productivity, more creativity, and greater health and happiness.
Wendy will help your leaders inspire their team and create a more adventurous and innovative culture - a culture of excited and engaged employees who not only understand your groundbreaking vision but now actively champion your bold corporate objectives and impact.  



Wendy is a master at inspiring others to envision what doesn’t initially appear possible and then create the critical action steps and benchmarks to achieve exceptional results.  Your audience will experience her energetic way of conveying actionable content, that will help them easily navigate any roadblocks or detours. As a natural leader she will show your audience how resources can be most effectively leveraged and the journey to achieve can be much more fun.

She brings a unique ability to bring fun and adventure into complex problem solving. 

Tammy Gregory


   Inspiring Your Next Bucket List Adventure Event  - Virtual  


No Time to Waste - Let's Go After It All!

Let’s bring fun and adventure back into your team by providing a virtual event and an ongoing way to incentivize informed risk taking and adventuring.  Not only will this pique your employee’s interest from a non-traditional serious productivity and goal-setting chat, but this will actually get them a bit more pumped to sit on a video meeting and learn more!

Let’s set up your own Inspiring Your NEXT Bucket List Adventure event and bring bucket list ideas and action plans into your corporate culture and everyday discussions to drive personal fun and professional goals. 

For the purposes of this event, “adventure” will be defined as going after something new that may be a bit outside of our comfort zone and categorized into creative experiences, outdoor activities or travel destinations.

The result will be happier and more engaged team members, working toward a personal and fun NEXT ______ (activity, creative experience or travel location) that reinvigorates and recharges them personally and empowers them to drive toward more aggressive organizational goals professionally. 

Wendy has managed virtual teams for more than 15 years and has a wealth of experience in inspiring, leading and driving high-performing teams.

   Set Outrageous Goals & Crush Them - Virtual or In Person  


Setting the bar HIGH & Skyrocketing Beyond

Whether you are working toward personal or professional growth, setting goals at a safely achievable level will limit your ability to succeed and grow into an effective leader.  Have you ever wanted to or have been asked to achieve what you thought would be impossible?  Have you ever aspired to set goals without knowing how you’d ever achieve?  Have you ever dreamt big but been unable to execute and succeed?  Only those that aspire to greatness, even without fully understanding how they’ll get there, have a good chance to succeed.  Dreaming big is only the first part of the equation and you need to understand how to identify and then execute the critical steps to achieve and succeed. 


In this interactive workshop, participants will understand the importance of and aspiring to dream bigger and resource & operationalize to achieve more than they currently believe possible. ​ Each participant will establish 1-2 seemingly impossible goals, answer questions and establish the critical steps and timeline to complete.  The discussion wraps up with teams presenting plans and goals to commit publicly and set follow up check in progress meetings.

   Blazing Your Trail When The Road Turns   

Becoming Tough & Resilient


Have you ever had to deal with and overcome a personal or professional setback?  Have you ever wondered how other folks seem to calmly proceed and even succeed in the midst of change and chaos? You are stronger than you may believe possible and we will dive into key strategies you can leverage to deal with all that life can throw at you, whether at the office, at home, or in your community.

Participants will learn how to reframe their perspective and remain calm and focused to achieve more, despite the challenges and obstacles they encounter.  They will identify 1-2 challenges, key strategies to address and define the ultimate goal if successful and the individual plan to succeed.​​

Interested in Wendy speaking & inspiring your community? Please submit inquiry below.

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