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MeetUp Events in Colorado

Diamond Beach Iceland
Hike to Svartifoss in Iceland
Walking on Fjalljokull Glacier in Iceland
Thingvellir in Iceland
Lunch at cafe before glacier hike
Blue Lagoon Spa Morning
Glacier hike!
Another Waterfall in Iceland!

MeetUp Events in Colorado

Women like us want to get out and play in Mother Nature and we’ve set up some really fun day or short weekend meetups! These are free or just include the fees for the guided activity or instruction.

The meetups vary on activity level and fitness required so check the individual PDF for more info.
A moderate level of fitness is recommended to most enjoy. If you're not living at an elevation similar to that in Colorado where the meetup will occur, consider that you'll need more fitness at sea level to make it a better experience in the mountains.

Additional details including the full itinerary and what to expect in the downloadable PDF Booklet.

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