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Inspiring Your NEXT

Ready for MORE fun in 2021?

Ready to join a community of amazing folks over 45 committed living with more inspiration, more adventure and way more fun?

WARNING: This Community is Highly Addictive!

If you're like me, you enjoyed your career but still feel like there's more to explore and more to life.

That's why I created DestinationU and our Inspiring Your Next Community.

I share more details below on how to join or an offer to chat & answer your questions.

Join us to tackle a LiveItNow List (instead of a bucket-list) item or consider trying something new. 

Whether it's writing your first book, taking on your first pottery class, tackling your first 5k or setting up your first nature hike with your close family and friends, it's a new adventure!

Unsure where to even begin?

Our community will inspire you with new ideas and provide the resources and planning tools

to get you started!

Adventure Outside of YOU & Try Something New!




Every time you try a new activity or visit a new place, you will grow and learn and we believe you'll quickly become addicted.

Our community will inspire you with new experiences and adventures to try and to serve as a trusted concierge to help you with your questions and how to get started.  It doesn't have to be hard, time-consuming or overwhelming - let our community easily help you create your 2021 fun list.

Join us with 2 Quick Steps!

1) click the button below for VIP Community Access

2) sign up in the private Facebook Group

What will I get by joining?


  • Exclusive access to our private Community to share and post resources, adventures and experiences perfect for the 45 & up living a more radical life!

  • Exclusive access to our IYN resources, LiveItNOW List & HOW to get started 

    • like a Bucket List but we commit to NOT wait to get out there and go after it!

  • Exclusive access to our IYN monthly concierge community classes with active events, virtual creative classes, recommended activities and resources for a community group meetup activity for you to join if you’re in the in-person area or help to set up and lead with your family and friends in your neighborhood.


Inspiration and the key steps to set up and tackle your NEXT!

Take Our Quiz!  Where are YOU?
Where are YOU on your journey?

Let's Get You Inspired & Taking the Steps to Tackle Something New.....Your NEXT!

Don’t miss out on any of my exciting news.

Have Questions?

Send me a message and let's set up a few minutes to discuss! 

Would love to hear more about what you want to try in 2021!


Get Out There and Try a Nature Hike

Try Something New!

This free resource will help you get ready to take your first hike or walk in the forest, the mountain or your favorite destination. 

Download and give it a try!

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